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house on fire for smoke alarm installation in sydney

How to Choose a Smoke Detector: The Ultimate Guide

By Jim Beasley / 22/01/2020

There are a range of smoke detectors available, and the laws and fitting process of smoke detectors can be confusing. This guide includes a comprehensive overview of smoke detectors, complete with up to date smoke alarm information. Given that the majority of house fires occur during the night, and that sense of smell is absent…

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Test & Tagging has changed for the better

By Jim Beasley / 29/05/2019

Test & Tagging has changed for the better Test & tagging has changed over time. The rules have beenupdated to make things a little bit easier. One of the better rules that have now been abolished is therequirement that you must keep a log of all equipment tested. That is not thecase anymore. This is…

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Electric vehicles for the workplace

By Jim Beasley / 29/04/2019

It’s just a matter of time before electric vehicle usage in business will be on a wide scale.NRMA are even getting ready as so are Mirvac.NRMA have already built 10 charging stations and they have plans to build 30 more.Mirvac are now offering charging bays in Broadway and Birkenhead Point.These bays are always in use.…

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Difference Between a Circuit breaker and safety switch

By Jim Beasley / 08/03/2019

Did you know that a lot of people don’t know the difference between a circuit breaker and a safety switch. A lot of older houses still only have circuit breakers at their switchboards. A lot of people think they are safety switches as they look very similar. The main difference is a safety switch has…

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China Is Building a Solar Power Station in Space

By Jim Beasley / 15/02/2019

Front Row Seats China’s Academy of Space Technology is working on an orbital power plant that would capture solar energy in space and beam it back to Earth. The plant would be able to harness solar power even when it’s cloudy back on Earth, since its photovoltaic array would be floating high above any terrestrial weather. With…

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Don’t let the pool guy do the earthing

By Jim Beasley / 02/02/2018

Earthing and bonding of pools is now a mandatory requirement. Two often you see the pool builder installing the earthing wire to the rio bar before the concrete is poured and set for the pool. The issue is a lot of pool builders think they can use tape or just wrap the earth wire around…

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