Don’t let the pool guy do the earthing

Earthing and bonding of pools is now a mandatory requirement. Two often you see the pool builder installing the earthing wire to the rio bar before the concrete is poured and set for the pool. The issue is a lot of pool builders think they can use tape or just wrap the earth wire around the rio ( the steel that holds the pool together before pouring the concrete) and that is satisfactory.

Any type of earth bonding that is exposed to water firstly needs to be painted with weather resistant paint to stop corrosion and secondly the earth wire needs to be connected to the rio (steel) either by clamping or soldering ( soldering would be difficult to solder to rio so clamping would be recommended).

If the earth wire is not clamped and simply wrapped around the rio or just taped on, when the concrete is poured over the dodgy connection it is highly probable the concrete could get between the wire and the rio stopping or at least inhibiting a good bond or join. Also to top it off the rust would defiantly creep in which would inhibit or stop the conductivity or join of the cable to the rio.

Always insist that you get your electrician to do the bonding off your pool before the concrete gets poured as usually the electrician gets called after the fact and the electrician is left with a earth cable coming out of the concrete that has to be joined to a local earth. The thing is the electrician does not even know that the bonding has been connected correctly to the rio because the concrete has been poured and has set.

Jim Beasley