Test & Tagging has changed for the better


Test & Tagging has changed for the better

Test & tagging has changed over time. The rules have been
updated to make things a little bit easier.

One of the better rules that have now been abolished is the
requirement that you must keep a log of all equipment tested. That is not the
case anymore.

This is great for two reasons.

The first reason is it saves times when testing and tagging.
You no longer have to create a list of items tested. The reason you don’t need
to keep a log anymore is with the new tags it is almost impossible to remove
the tag from one piece of equipment to another so there is no chance of any
fraudulent activity.

Another time saving blockbuster bonus is if a equipment
schedule is kept on site the electrician no longer has to use it. The problem
with such a schedule is the electrician arrives on site and you hand him or her
your schedule of appliances with the previous date tested and the next test
date noted on the schedule.

At that point the electrician starts at page 1 of the
schedule and the first question that comes to his head is where is item number
one on the schedule physically located. So the electrician has to track that
item down. Great he tested that item. Great where is the 2nd item on the
schedule? Has it been moved? Can it be found? You may start to get my drift. It
is time consuming finding the items to be tested. Admittingly you could do it in reverse and find the first piece of equipment then search the schedule or book for that piece of equipment although that can also be time consuming flicking between pages and looking up and down a list.

So the much more practical approach is to start at one corner
of the building and start testing and tagging items as you see them then move
on to the next closest item and so on and so on until you get to the other side
of the building. Testing complete.

With each new cycle of testing you just create a new testing
tag number such as 001 and work through up to your last test for the day and
that test may end at test number 052 which is noted on the test tag with the
new test date.
You do also have the option of using barcoding on your tags
although expensive equipment is required for this.

Jim Beasley